University of California (UC) Cooperative Extension (CE) Specialists and Farm Advisors have been collaborating with Western Video Market (WVM) Auction for more than 10 years to provide ranchers in the Western United States with detailed information how their ranch-level production decisions translate to premiums or discounts on sale day.

Through this collaboration, WVM provides lot-level sales data for all of their auctions. Using this information CE Specialist Dr. Tina Saitone uses statistical analysis to isolate the premium/discount associated with individual value-added management, marketing, and vaccination programs.

Results from 2018 WVM Auctions

The most recent sales data available are from WVM auctions during 2018.

Dr. Saitone is developing a series of blogs that focuses on different aspects of the 2018 WVM price analysis including:

If you are a rancher interested in information about other programs or topics, please comment on a blog post or contact Dr. Saitone (saitone@primal.ucdavis.edu, 530-752-1870).  Results from 2017 were be featured in California Cattleman Magazine May 2018 Issue.


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UCCE collaboration with WVM has generated a number of peer-reviewed academic publications

Beef Cattle Management and Marketing Programs: Do They Add Value for Ranchers in the Western United States? by Tina L. SaitoneWestern Economics Forum, Dec 2018.

What Value-Added Management Programs Really Add Value to Your Cattle? by Tina L. SaitoneCalifornia Cattleman Magazine, May 2018. The whole May edition of CCA Magazine is available here.

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